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1  General Category / General Board / Mor Dhona=More Donuts? How did this start?
 on: Yesterday at 13:42:50 
Started by RyanCaleb | Post by RyanCaleb
Not sure if it's just a Balmung thing or it's everywhere, but every now and then, I seen people call Mor Dhona as More Donuts. How did this even become a thing? Yes, I know that the two look similar, but I just wanna know how it began.
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References:http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/305513-Mor-Dhona-More-Donuts-How-did- this-start
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2  General Category / General Board / A job utilising carbuncles: possible?
 on: Yesterday at 13:41:25 
Started by RyanCaleb | Post by RyanCaleb
Could carbuncles please be relevant as an end game job? After all the dungeons and battles with the carbuncle, I am sad to realize that the Carbuncle disappears and is replaced by Fairies (SCH track) and Egis (SMN track).
Alternatively, a Soul of the Carbuncle Summoner, or a Soul of the Carbuncle Scholar, where the summons would automatically be Carbuncle equivalents of Egis/Faeries if you do the quest line for the carbuncle soulstone.
Seeing as how there are plenty of vanity and furniture utilizing the carbuncle model, or promotional posters of FFXIV with the elf-like race sitting on a chair with the Carbuncle on her lap, it seems like it would have incredible potential.  
TLDR. Do you love carbuncles and want to utilize carbuncles?  
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References:http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/207850-A-job-utilising-carbuncles-pos sible
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3  General Category / General Board / What Beast Tribes would you like to see next?
 on: Yesterday at 13:40:28 
Started by RyanCaleb | Post by RyanCaleb
First we could add the Moombas, the lion-like race from VIII, and their Primal could be Madeen from IX, since she resembles a lion with wings. It could be an interesting concept since she could be another benevolent Primal.
Next is the Pupu, also from VIII, it could be interesting to see how they could be injected into the story, woukd it be organic or totally from left field. And their Primal could be Eden, also from VIII, she would probably be a pregnant dog, lol.
The last Beast Tribe we thought of was Namingway, from various games but mostly from IV. We couldn't think of a primal for them, but for some reason Quetzacotl came to mind.
So what does everyone else think any other ideas for beastmen and primals?
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References:http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/305482-What-Beast-Tribes-would-you-li ke-to-see-next
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4  General Category / General Board / Can someone elaborate on how community Greed only
 on: Yesterday at 13:39:38 
Started by RyanCaleb | Post by RyanCaleb

I just ran with a map party with friends and this question only occurred to me when one of them Needed on something before the rules were mentioned. Of course it was brushed off but I'm curious as to what this does for the given party.
I understand in dungeons and trials and raids Need is available only for gear that your current job or class can use. But then we get the oddball items: crafting items, mount whistles, minions, etc. Isn't the Need option available on all of these for everyone? DF rules are coded in the game, my question isn't about someone setting the DF rule to Greed only. My question goes more for duties like Aquapolis where the rule has to be established by the party?  
Here, all "Greed only" does is make it easy to spot someone that's breached this rule, despite, again, Need being available to everyone.
That being said... it's really late at night here and I may not be considering the cases where Need is not available to certain people on certain items in Aquapolis or treasure maps. Also, I'd like to stress that I'm just trying to ask about the logic behind such rules. Personally, I pass on 99% of the items that drop, and for items that I might want I ask about what I should roll.
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References:http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/305385-Can-someone-elaborate-on-how-c ommunity-Greed-only-rules-get-established
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5  General Category / General Board / Can we make change without violence?
 on: 09/20/17 at 10:39:02 
Started by RyanCaleb | Post by RyanCaleb
I'd also add the end of the Slave Trade in Britain which was led by the (obviously non-violent) Quakers and legislated against without threat of violence being a factor.
Of course my real answer to them is that I think violence more often leads to tragedy than happy resolution and furthermore, I trust them not at all to be people behind any violence given half their aims I find unsettling (communism for one). However, I like to be able to back up all angles of my argument. Can anyone think of good examples of significant social change being achieved through means other than violence / threat of violence? Social, political, legislative - what have we achieved through peaceful means that is significant?
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6  General Category / General Board / Anyone ever used teeth whitening kits?
 on: 09/20/17 at 10:36:27 
Started by RyanCaleb | Post by RyanCaleb
I recently quit smoking and my teeth are not as pretty as they should be. Has anyone ever tried these teeth whitening kits?
Obviously I'm dubious of buying things online but potentially saving a few hundred over getting a dentist to do it is rather tempting.
Any reccomendations?
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7  General Category / General Board / same as registering electoral role?
 on: 09/20/17 at 10:34:31 
Started by RyanCaleb | Post by RyanCaleb
Is this the same thing?
I keep having problems with Call Credit / Noddle, I would have expected it would be as easy as registering to vote at current address to get my electoral role updated on a credit report??
It took like 6 months at my previous address and my credit score takes a dip because of it, does anyone else have problems with call credit? My current address I've been at just under 2 months and that's already on electoral role for experian, Noddle has my credit report down to 555 and on check my file my report gone from 850 for Call Credit / Equifax to 800.
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8  General Category / General Board / What are your thoughts on Tommy Robinson these day
 on: 09/20/17 at 10:33:09 
Started by RyanCaleb | Post by RyanCaleb
Hate preaching and muslamic ray guns?
I never really gave him any time and just passed him off as an uneducated racist who didn't know any better, but recently one of my friends had me watch a few of his interviews and videos and I must say I'm quite surprised to find myself struggling to disagree with anything he says.  
If you take the following rather entertaining video, and completely disregard any previous feelings you have towards him, it certainly appears that those protesting against racism are the uneducated, ill informed individuals and not Tommy Robinson. Yes, I'm sure the video was selectively filmed, but still.  
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9  General Category / General Board / Euro Cup Disappeared?
 on: 09/18/17 at 11:00:49 
Started by RyanCaleb | Post by RyanCaleb
In my 2nd season at Kristiansund BK in Norway, I won the Norwegian Cup. Under the rules section, it says the winner of the cup gets a place in the First Qualifying Round of the Euro Cup.
For the whole of the off-season, Euro Cup appeared under my Team Competitions section. However I just noticed 11 games into my 3rd season, that it has disappeared. I never got to play the qualifying round?
Is this a bug, or am I missing something really obvious?
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References:http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2016-discussion/358391-euro-cup- disappeared.html
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10  General Category / General Board / SCOUTING PROPERLY?
 on: 09/18/17 at 10:59:37 
Started by RyanCaleb | Post by RyanCaleb
How do you guys scout, because I feel I'm pretty poor at scouting, I scout the big competitions and leagues, but im wondering how you guys find wonderkids and regens? do you have all of the nations and lower leagues active? and also is there a way to unmask potential and just see it for what it is not relying on your scouts ability.
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References:http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2016-discussion/356812-scouting- properly.html
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