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Build house in the jungle without modern materials (Read 108 times)

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Build house in the jungle without modern materials
01/03/18 at 04:25:52
In this modern and develop times, it is more and more difficult to many people and we are depended on many things to build a house. Today, we will find out the simple way of building a house of aboriginal people according to primitive technology . By this way, we don’t need anyu modern materials.
First of this building progress of aboriginal people is choosing 6 straight piles and  pile them in parallel forming a squares or a regtangles . Then, choose straight and firm to make the house. Especially, fasteners for this house are jungle creepers that are common and  firm.  
After collecting enough piles and jungle creepers. They ‘ve chosen 4 strong piles with medium diagram to attach parallel to the ground on 6 piles to form the floor frame. You should attach the floor frame 1m from the ground to avoid fierce animals at night.  
Then, they arranged small and same timbers to make the floor. Because the floor is 1m higher than the ground so that they needed a stairsace. To make staircase, they used  a big and firm tree and then they cut the tree by knife to make steps that can be fit their foot, each step is about 25 cm apart. Tilte this staircase at 45 degree with the floor to be firm and easy to use.
Next to the frame work, the aboriginal people maked the roof by coconut leaves or palm leaves in the jungle and tightened by jungle creepers. You also can cover the house by this kind of leaves to make walls for warmth or attach some small pile around to not look so empty.  
They made V shape roof with a big tree on top and the other two trees on the bottom of the roof that are about 40cm lower than the top. They work as purlins. For easy roof covering, they attached more small trees that connect the top purlin to the bottom purlins. They work as fulcrums of leaves roof.
Link to watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hCmJJeU9so
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